A New Ice Rink is Coming to Heber City

A New Ice Rink is Coming to Heber CityIt was announced in December 2023 that there will be a new NHL-sized hockey arena built near Black Rock Mountain Resort. The funding for this new impressive facility was secured by Salt Lake City-based DA Davidson's special district group. This arena has plans to serve as a new home for the Utah Outliers hockey team.

The New Arena Plans

Construction of the new arena will be different and intriguing from other sports venues in the area. Plans for the arena will be a three-story building at 12,000 ft.². The arena will have cutting-edge technology that will double as a renewable energy source for the resort. Every time the ice refreezes in the rink it will generate the energy required to heat and cool the commercial spaces within the Black Rock Resort Hotel and this includes the swimming pools. This is a really cool feature of this new hockey arena in Heber City.

This arena will be the first privately owned ice rink in the state of Utah under the ownership of Black Rock Resort. The arena is expected to open in fall 2024 and is designed to accommodate 2000 hockey fans with additional standing areas. The total capacity of the building will be 3300 people. In addition to the ice rink, there will be a three-story fitness center.

About the Utah Outliers

Utah Outliers is a junior hockey team. It is officially in the rank of the Tier 2 Junior A Team which is part of the United States Premier Hockey League (US PHL). This team plays a crucial role in nurturing young talent for the sport of hockey. Players on the team are aged between 16 and 20 years all of these players play with an intention to someday meet their ultimate goal of playing professional hockey in the NHL or other professional leagues around the world.

Kevin McCloskey is the current operations Director for the Outliers team he is a former NHL player himself. He announced the Outliers moving to the Black Rock Event Center and it has been met with considerable excitement from the surrounding communities. Some of this excitement is due to the lack of ice rinks in Utah currently.

The Outliers hockey team was previously based at Accord Ice Arena in West Valley City Utah. McCluskey the Director for the Outliers hopes that this will help with the impact of bringing an expansion of the NHL to Utah. He's excited about the future of hockey in the state of Utah. He also hopes to be able to integrate more homegrown talent into the Outliers hockey team.

The new Black Rock Event Center will be located just past Brown's Canyon Road off of State Route 248.

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