Common Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Park City Ski Condo

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Park City Ski CondoOwning a ski condo right next to the resort with instant access to a lift or ski run is a dream, especially in Park City with world-class ski resorts. It gives you the opportunity to stay as close as possible to the runs on the mountain and have a space to enjoy your favorite place any time you want.  Shopping for a Park City ski condo can come with a lot of excitement and this excitement can often lead to some buying mishaps. It is not uncommon for a buyer to overlook some things in their purchase process. If you are considering searching for a Park City ski condo here are some common mistakes to avoid.

The Logistics of Vacationing and Owning

When purchasing a vacation home and considering one you are interested in you want to make sure that you consider all of the logistics of how you will use the property. For example, you want to make sure that getting to the property such as travel plans will work out. If you do not live close by you want to ensure that you'll have the ability to easily access your property once you get off a plane or train and that you can get around town. If you plan to drive to your new vacation home you want to make sure that there is plenty of parking as parking can be limited around ski resorts with several short-term visitors.

Then there is the consideration of what you will do with the property when you are not using it. Many vacation property buyers plan to use the property to make some income and help it pay for itself. You want to ensure that the condo community you are buying into will allow for your plans of usage when you're not in the condo. Even if you just allow friends and family to use the property you want to make sure that it is allowed within your CC and Rs.

Not Considering Modern Conveniences

Often when thinking about enjoying a ski vacation in a ski condo many people are not thinking about the daily logistics of living. When you are thinking about vacation, for example, you aren't thinking about the ability to do laundry. But when you vacation in the same spot frequently you will want to have modern conveniences like easy access to a washing machine or the ability to stick your dishes in the dishwasher. These items are less exciting but incredibly important. Don't forget that having a fireplace to cozy up to after a day in the cold snow could also be highly desirable. Consider all of the nice daily necessities that can help the property feel like an extension of home. You don't want to spend a month or two in your luxury Park City vacation condo only to wish you could sell it and purchase something else.

Not Thinking Beyond the Resort

The main focus of purchasing a ski condo is having access to the resort anytime you want it and getting all the perks and high-end amenities only offered to property owners in the area. But you also want to consider the proximity to things you will want to utilize around Park City. The more time you spend in your Park City vacation condo the more you will want to venture out and explore other things around Park City. Or have access to services you will need while on more frequent vacations. Things like a post office or a grocery store. Or even medical services. 

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