The Deer Crest Owner's Report - 2023 Year In Review

Deer Crest Year of Year Comparison

Because Deer Crest has so few transactions which can change the statistics we will keep it brief. We're available to talk via telephone at any time to discuss what buyers are looking for, which areas of Deer Crest are most favorable and what the current value of your home is.

Raw Data:

Deer Crest 2022 2023
Total Sales 4 7 43%
Volume 34,765,380 62,898,136 45%
High Sale 16,850,000 19,600,000 14%
Low Sale 3,850,000 3,975,000 3%
Average Price 8,691,345 8,985,448 3%
Median Price 7,032,690 5,023,136 -40%
Average Price/Sqft 1,131 1,902 41%
Median Price/Sqft 1,130 2,110 46%
List Price / Sale Price 0.98 0.98 0%

Founders Place - Statistics don’t reflect the 20 families committed to Properties in the new Founders Place development in 2023 plus 28 families committing to real estate in the same project in 2022. The first closings will be in the fall of 2024, as construction is completed on phase 1.  That is a total of approx. $275,000,000 in future sales at AVG of about $2,000 per sqft. One of the final slopeside ski parcels in Deer Valley and the only condo Parcel fully located within the gates of private Deer Crest neighborhood. Surrounded by either ski terrain or open space, this project is being offered by arguably the finest development company in ski country, East West Partners.

This neighborhood saw a 68% jump in price/sqft, which is deceiving because more condo hotel product sold than single-family home product and with only seven transactions. A few sales will skew the data. That said, with the success of Founders Place the average price/sqft in the neighborhood is rapidly increasing. Typically homes sell for approximately $1500/sqft while condominiums are selling for $2000+/sqft.

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