Is Park City Worth the Price of Living?

Is Park City Worth the Price of Living?Park City is a location like no other. If you ask someone who lives here they might tell you it's magical or that there really isn't a proper word in the English language to describe how special it is. But when people consider moving to Park City or purchasing a second home an often-asked question is if buying a Park City home is worth the price. You would most likely hear an instant yes, but this doesn't quite answer the question with confidence for the person asking. 

Most likely someone asking this question is looking for some more insight beyond a one-word answer. I am here to give you that insight. Let's look at why Park City is worth every bit of your investment dollars (because buying a home for any reason is an investment). 

Highlights of Living in Park City

When discussing why buying a home in Park City is worth the price we should start with what it is like to live in Park City. The reasons people come to live here in the first place. 

  • Location: Park City is in one of the most breathtaking locales. Nestled in the Wasatch Mountain range Park City offers the most amazing views of the range, the lush forest, and much more. Not only is the scenery amazing but the outdoor activities are endless. Park City is most notable for its ski resorts, it is a winter wonderland with three world-class ski destinations. But those who live in Park City know that every day is a good day to enjoy this unmatched outdoor wonderland. 
  • Arts and Culture: Park City is home to the Sundance Film Festival and many art venues including an amazing collection of galleries. Park City also hosts a long series of outdoor concerts every year when the temperature heats up. 
  • Safety and Community: Park City has a very low crime rate, one that is significantly lower than surrounding areas and national averages. Though Park City is world-renowned for many things, it retains a small-town feel and a tight sense of community, especially within some of the smaller housing communities. 
  • Education: Park City is a popular place to settle for young families because the schools are exceptional. Park City offers some of the best public schools and amazing private schools. 
  • Healthcare:  Park City may be up in the mountains, but it is not lacking in daily living essentials, one of importance is healthcare. You would think this small town would create a need to travel long distances for healthcare, but Park City has several great health providers. 

Why Real Estate is a Sound Investment in Park City

Not only is Park City an ideal place to live, but purchasing a home in Park City is a sound investment. Homes in Park City are always highly desirable for all of the reasons listed above and for the fact that there is a limited area to build. Much of the land in Park City is protected with limited development space. This provides a high quality of life steps from world-class amenities which only increases the desirability of living in Park City. Purchasing a home may come with a higher price tag, but there is good reason and many homeowners believe it is well worth the cost. Should you ever sell a Park City home properties retain their value at a much higher rate than other locations. 

If you are looking for a home in Park City I am here to help. I am happy to help you find the perfect Park City home, be it a primary home or a dream vacation property. Contact me any time with any Park City real estate needs, both buying and selling properties. 

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