Prepping Your Park City Home for Peak Real Estate Season

Prepping Your Park City Home for Peak Real Estate SeasonSpring is peak real estate season around the country. It is a great time to list your Park City home for sale. Buyers are picking up energy to take on big tasks like purchasing their next home, and hoping to purchase a home to be able to move in during the summer when schedules are not as demanding. 

If you are considering listing your home for sale, there are some preparations you can take to help ensure a successful home sale for the best price possible to take advantage of the increase in buyers during spring. 

Preparing Your Park City Home for a Spring Sale

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal refers to the outside appearance of your home. While so many Park City properties are already impressive without doing anything to them, it is important to make sure things are buttoned up on the outside. Curb appeal is said to be one of the most important factors in getting a home ready because it is the first impression buyers receive when they arrive at your home. It communicates a hint of what they might expect to see inside.

Making sure the exterior of your home is clean and in great shape is important. This includes cleaning siding (pressure wash or fresh coat of paint), landscaping (trimming up the shrubbery and trees and making sure the lawn is mowed), and a clean and inviting front porch. The front porch area has shown to be the most noticeable area of curb appeal. You want your front door to be in great condition, clean, and fresh. The front lights should be working and free of cobwebs, the front mat should be fresh and welcoming, and planters with pretty foliage help add the extra touch. 

Small Repairs 

Some Park City homeowners mistakenly think that their home needs to be perfect and up-to-date in every area. This can be helpful but it leaves homeowners spending way too much money on getting their home sold. Instead, make sure to make small repairs that will stick out like a sore thumb or impact the functionality of the home. No need for a complete home makeover before listing for sale. 

Cosmetic Upgrades/Updates

This can be a sticky area for home sellers as well. It is great to communicate your home is in great condition and is move-in ready (no major repairs or renovations need to take place before move-in). Some homeowners might feel the bathroom counter is outdated and needs replacing. While it might feel a little behind the current style trends this is not what we are talking about. The cosmetic updates we have in mind focus on creating a clean and fresh feeling when walking through the home. Items like fresh paint updated hardware on kitchen cabinets, new light fixtures, and maybe a new faucet. Items that have a big impact without a big demand on the budget. 

Packing Up Personal Items 

When you consider purchasing anything, the last thing you want is to find it in use by someone else. For example, a used car. You wouldn't be excited to find it full of the previous owner's favorite travel mug, extra clothes strewn on the back seat, and a glove compartment full of take-out food sauce packets. It distracts from seeing the car. 

In the same way, you want to get a head start on packing for your coming move and put away personal items you don't need while selling the home. The less you have in the home, the better. This helps a potential buyer to focus on the home itself and not who lives there and what they are using the home for. it may seem daunting to start packing now, but it will feel great when you get an offer and don't have to worry about as much when up against a moving deadline later.

Deep Cleaning

The cleaner your home is the newer and fresher it seems to a buyer. When something is in great condition it is even more appealing. This is true for any purchase. Who doesn't want something that is in amazing condition? A deep-cleaned home showcases the condition of your home in the best way. Consider hiring professionals to help with your deep cleaning it makes a great impact.


Staging is the act of setting up furnishings in the home minimally and to help highlight the usefulness of the home. It helps buyers to see themselves living in the home and how they can enjoy life in the home. When buyers are able to visualize a home and see themselves using the home how they have been dreaming of their next home to be, offers come in. 

If you are planning to sell your Park City home, I am here to help. Let's get your home sold for the best price possible in a shorter time frame. I am ready to relieve some of the stresses that come from selling a home with expert marketing and advice to get your Park City home sold. Contact me any time with any Park City real estate needs. 

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