What to Consider When Purchasing a Home in the Mountains of Utah

What to Consider When Purchasing a Home in the Mountains of UtahIf you have ever played the game would you rather you may have come across the question, "Live on the beach or in the mountains?" Or it may have been framed, "Would you rather, vacation on the beach or in the mountains?" This is because when many people think of a dream destination it is usually in a scenic picturesque location. The most picturesque of locations on the planet is often a beachside location or up in a mountain retreat.

For some people their answer to these would you rather questions is instantly the mountains. The mountains are a beautiful oasis with plenty of natural spaces to explore and enjoy. Park City Utah is just that, an amazing mountainous oasis with some of the best world-renowned amenities to enjoy the outdoors.

Purchasing a mountain home is not the same as living in the city or the suburbs where most people tend to settle. If you are considering a move to Park City Utah it is a good idea to get to know how purchasing a home in the mountains is much different from finding a home in Salt Lake or one of its closer suburbs.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Mountain Home


Park City is fairly easy and accessible in most of its mountain home locations but some areas of Park City and the surrounding cities in the Wasatch Mountains are a little more remote. You want to make sure that you can get to your home in inclement weather, especially in the winter when Park City comes to life with several part-time residents and vacationing visitors.

Some homes may have rougher roads and accessibility and may require four-wheel drive to be able to traverse the roads around a home in inclement weather.

Homeowners Associations

Even though you are in an area that is removed from the hassle of a traditional living construct you are not immune to communities with homeowners associations. Several of the condo communities and gated single-family properties have homeowners associations. If you purchase a home within the boundaries of a world-famous ski resort you will likely be subject to a homeowners association.

Before purchasing a home with a homeowners association it is best to be knowledgeable of all of the covenants and restrictions that the association holds as well as the full scope of the fees and dues that are required to be a homeowner within the community. If you plan to purchase a home that you will rent out to others you also want to be aware of the restrictions and rules for renting your home.

The Demand for Homes

Though the real estate market has been all over the place across the country in the last few years it is always good to know the state of the real estate market in the area you plan to purchase a home. You want to ensure that you are making a sound investment in a home that is desirable but not so desirable that you could end up in a highly competitive bidding war where you pay far too much for a home. Knowing the current market value of homes and exactly what you were looking for will help you come in with a winning strategy for paying a reasonable price for a Park City home.

Work with a Local Agent

Finding a home in a more remote location like Park City you may be tempted to bring in a big city real estate agent. It is always best however to work with a real estate agent who lives in the area you're purchasing a home because they will know the area like the back of their hand. Working with a local agent gives you the best insight into the fine details of the real estate market and gives you a leg up on finding the Park City home that meets all of your search criteria.

While you can use a realtor that is stationed in a neighboring area or somewhere else they will not be able to give you the best insight or help you pinpoint the perfect park city home that most encompasses your description of the perfect mountain home. Working with a local agent gives you the best insight and knowledge of the location you are purchasing a home.

If you are looking for a home in Park City either to relocate full-time or to find a vacation home I am here to help. I love Park City and I am an expert in all Park City real estate from condos to sprawling secluded estates. Contact me anytime with any Park City real estate needs.

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