What to Know Before Buying a Luxury Park City Home

What to Know Before Buying a Luxury Park City HomeThere are several impressive dream luxury properties in Park City and surrounding areas. A luxury property is often a dream home with impressive features and location like a dream mountain estate, or a high-end condo near a world-class tourist destination. 

For many homebuyers it is more than purchasing a home they have always dreamed of, it is purchasing a home that truly suits their lifestyle tastes, and needs. Purchasing a luxury Park City home is a dream of many, and not an investment to be stepped into with only stars in your eyes. Here are some things to consider when making your first luxury home purchase. 


Location is one of the biggest driving factors of what classifies a property as a luxury property. The location of a property greatly impacts its value so much so that the location on the street or inside a specific neighborhood can even impact value. 

For example, a condo right next to the ski runs where you can strap on your skis and get to the hill is going to demand a higher price than a condo that is close to the runs but requires a little bit of walking or a very short drive. The location of a property does not only command a different asking price but impacts resale value as well. Something to think about if you plan to sell in the future at some point. 

You want to choose a location that is within your wants and needs but also will retain a better value. Consider your plans for staying in the home when choosing your first luxury home. 

Know the Market

Knowing the local market conditions is critical to purchasing a luxury home. The luxury housing market is different from standard real estate in many ways and making sure you are familiar with how luxury real estate differs from standard is key to making a smart informed investment in a luxury Park City property.

Luxury properties are driven by different factors as compared to standard traditional homes. Luxury properties have different classifications and much larger price points and often bring in a different demographic of buyers. This means that the market shifts to make sure it is attracting buyers for a successful home sale. Luxury real estate is considered a niche market and hiring a knowledgeable local realtor is crucial to the success of purchasing a Park City luxury property.

A real estate agent who deals with Park City properties will have insight and knowledge of how different neighborhoods and different home types can command different prices and the slightly different purchasing strategies for these properties to help you get into the home of your dreams.

Financing a Luxury Home is Different as Well

The finance of luxury properties will require a much larger home loan many times you will need to use a jumbo loan to finance the purchase of a luxury property. This is because traditional conforming loan limits are set at a certain maximum price every year. Many luxury properties in Park City have a list price above the traditional conforming loan limits.

Applying for a jumbo loan is a different set of requirements as compared to traditional mortgage loans. Lenders want to see that buyers have higher credit scores, will demand a higher down payment, and will want to see a larger amount of cash reserves in a bank account to qualify for a jumbo loan.

If you are navigating your first luxury home purchase in Park City, I am here to help. Contact me any time with any Park City real estate needs, whether you are purchasing or selling a primary or vacation Park City property. 

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