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Best General Contractors in Park City, UT

Vitruvius Design & Build 

Best General Contractors in Park City, UTVitruvius Design was founded in 2007 on these three fundamental principles "Firmitas, Utilitas, and Venustas." Firmitas, physical strength secures the building's structural integrity. Utilitas,  utility provides an efficient arrangement of spaces and mechanical systems to meet the functional needs of its occupants. Venustas. the aesthetic quality imparts style, proportion, and visual beauty.

They continue to evolve these principles with a focus on passive home and net zero design through their PHIUS builder certification. They have reinvented the DESIGN + BUILD user experience, daring to simplify while harnessing the power of virtual reality visualization technology. Their comprehensive approach throughout the process affords a cohesion of elements, both architecturally and stylistically, that conveys more than a structure or design, but a very lifestyle. 

Elevated Builders

Elevated Builders specializes in building Park City's most exclusive custom homes. With great teams that achieve great results, Elevated Builders has carefully assembled some of the best talents in Park City to work on each Elevated Builders project. Every member of the team excels in their area of expertise and shares a deep commitment to the work.

They value transparency, communication, and attention to detail. These values translate into above-average process management which mitigates execution risk for their clients. Whether you are looking for new home construction, existing home renovations, construction management services, or redevelopment consulting, Elevated Builders welcomes the opportunity to work alongside you to realize your vision. 

Killowen Construction 

Killowen Construction believes that the space you live in is important. It's an honor to be part of the team that builds a dream home into existence. They believe in working closely with architects, designers, and our clients to create an atmosphere. Every project has challenges. They have curated a business model that lets them work with some of the best subcontractors in the area. They are sure to communicate ahead of time what their expectations are and they are quick to ask them what they will need to meet those expectations. The hands that build your home are chosen by them, and they have made those relationships a high priority. Their goal is to smoothly take your dreams from concept to reality. Killowen specializes in full-build custom homes, as well as additions and remodels in Summit & Wasatch Counties and beyond.